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18, Skytten, USA, Miami
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Seksuell preferanseBifil
Høyde160 cm - 170 cm (5'4" - 5'6")
Vekt46 - 55 kg [100 - 120 lbs]
Hva som gjør meg kåt
I love the feeling being dominated. I'd like to be with a determined man who knows what he's doing when loving a woman. You can qualify on my type?
Om meg
I am Aimee, I have 18 years and I love chatting and travelling.
Hva som absolutt ikke tenner meg
Rude people :@
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Know me better

I am that kind of woman who can be happy even on a deserted Island. I am always looking at the full half of the jar.
Love to spend my time on long walking or even playing with animals.
Nature is my muse so I will always look to be a part of it.
I am a good listener so it won't be a problem, you can confess to me.
Now, you know me better than others.I would be satisfied if I will know something about you, also.

AimeeDesire My favorite things custom pic 1

My favourite music

  I love 80's Rock Music. I find myself into it. Bands like Guns N' Roses or AC/DC just can make my day easily. 

About my favourite movies

As I said earlier, I'm such a happy person. So obviously I will choose comedy movies before others. Second place it's winning by fantasies movies, or SF.

AimeeDesire About my favourite movies custom pic 1

AimeeDesire About my favourite movies custom pic 1

AimeeDesire Ønskeliste
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Kommentarer (8)
*•❀•*. I love you*•❀•*.
she is not girl, she is angel
Good model. I want to see her again.
Very very beautiful 💋
Very stunning and hot
I love the way you move babe! She is the most wonderful girl from that site!
I love to travel, also

As I mentioned, I love nature, so I love to travel.
I love those quiet places in the mountains, especially if it's winter.

AimeeDesire I love to travel, also custom pic 1

I am also interested about history so I love to visit old castles.

The most quiet and still of places still echo their history. Suzhou's quiet channels, ancient gardens and aged alleyways are just the place to remind yourself just that. Suzhou is a gem hidden and distilled in its ancientness. If you have been to: Hanoi, Vietnam.  You should travel to: Chengdu, China.  If you travelled to Hanoi for the cuisine, make Chengdu in China the next stop on your food tour. In 2010, Chengdu was named the ‘City of Gastronomy’ by UNESCO, being the home of various Sichuanese dishes including kung pao chicken and pockmarked granny’s tofu.

Let's have a secret about my sexual fantasies.

I would be grateful if you are paying attention at this point.

AimeeDesire Let's have a secret about my sexual fantasies. custom pic 1

First of all, I want you, as my partner to be always satisfied and pleased. I love to hear a man moaning.

AimeeDesire Let's have a secret about my sexual fantasies. custom pic 2

I am kinda' easy to satisfy so you will not have to work a lot until you feel I'm getting tight on your wonderful friend. All you need to do it's to treat me like will be the last kind of that moment in your life.What will please you?

AimeeDesire Let's have a secret about my sexual fantasies. custom pic 3